random convo this morning with mom

  • Mom: You were dreaming
  • Me: No I wasn't
  • Mom: Yes you were
  • Me: Why you say that?
  • Mom: I can into your room this morning to tell you that I was leaving for a bit.
  • Me: I don't remember that.
  • Mom: You replied with Benedict my mom is gonna kill you if she finds you here in the morning.
  • Me: *blush* I did not so say that.
  • Mom: Ask your aunt she saw the whole thing.
  • Me: You're kidding
  • Mom: Don't get me wrong I don't have a problem with you dreaming about Mr.Cumberbatch.
  • Me: *dear god she's gonna give me a sex talk*
  • Mom: But I want you to know you should really stop moaning while you sleep.
  • Mom: I hope the dream was good though.
  • Me: *Glares*
  • Mom: *laughs*
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